Satin Law Gets Results

- Our firm litigated an electrocution case to the eve of trial and reached a 6 million dollar settlement. An employee of the defendant was on the roof with a pole with a painting roll on the end of it. He hit an electric wire with the end of the pole as he was rolling paint up and down the outside wall.

- We represented the wrongful death of husband and father. He was driving his car when a big rig lost its brakes and attempted a sharp turn, which caused the load to fall off the truck and crush the victim. This resulted in a settlement after mediation of 1.9 million dollars.

- The victims were on an Indian Reservation on their way to a casino when a vehicle on a tight mountain road crossed lanes and hit them head on. The jaws of Life needed to be used to remove the victims. The collective settlement after extensive litigation was 1.7 million dollars.

- A case that involved an intersection accident with disputed facts as to who ran a stop sign in early morning hours. After extensive litigation, a settlement was first accomplished with the adverse driver and later with the state of California for an obstruction in view. The settlements collectively exceeded one million dollars.

- The sexual molestation of a teenager by a member of the congregation off of church property. It was proven that the minister kept secret the sexual predator criminal background of the molester. The case proceeded to trial with a 2 million dollar verdict.

- Satin Law reached a settlement for $750,000 against a school district, because it failed to notify another school district of the criminal molestation background of a transferred teacher.